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As a local cleaning service company in Allentown Pennsylvania, we provide all types of services for homes, offices, and other platforms. Regardless of how tough the job is. Our experts are highly trained and can do the job in no time. We perform different types of cleaning jobs, starting from cleaning apartments to specialty cleaning services like holiday cleanings, Move in / Out Cleaning, etc.

Our cleaners are reliable and perform their jobs efficiently and on time. Besides their skills and training, our team uses high-quality equipment and products, including eco-friendly green cleaning products. If price is an important deciding factor don’t worry. We offer our cleaning services at a very affordable prices and times, which allows you to hire our staff at an accessible budget.


House Keeping Services You Can Count On

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful, clean house and work in a fresh and beautiful environment. It feels so lovely to imagine sitting in a squeaky clean place without any mess around you. But as easy as it seems, it can be very difficult and time consuming too. This is where Squeaky Clean Maids comes in! We are a house cleaning service in PA that focuses on those chores so that you do not have to, and you can enjoy the freedom. Let us help you clean your homes and de-clutter you lives. Our professional team of maids will be sure to leave your home Squeaky Clean.

We offer many different services. From office cleaning to deep cleaning of every single corner in your house or any hard to reach spot, and even the more difficult and challenging places to reach. Our house cleaners are highly trained professionals who can easily handle all your cleaning needs and give your house a Squeaky shining look in a jiffy. This makes us a top and reliable choice for our clients who demand quality cleaning services.

What We Offer

Squeaky Clean Maids offers you a full range of cleaning services that you need for your home, business, and other platforms. Our residential services include a wide range of options, which include necessary house cleaning, moving out, and moving in cleaning that helps our clients moving process more comfortable than ever. We also provide commercial cleaning services for commercial spaces and offices that give a fantastic impression to your business clients. Now certain occasions require above average cleaning services, for that we have specialist cleaning services for specific needs.

House Cleaning

We offer customizable house cleanings. Designed to relieve stress and worry. Let us take care of the work.

Commerical Cleaning

At Squeaky Clean Maids we use a variety of cleaning methods to ensure thorough cleaning and efficiency of your space.

Specialty Cleaning

Regardless of the Specialty Cleaning in need. We can handle it. Seriously, Relax. We've got you covered.

Detailed Cleaning

We go beyond the sweeping, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming. Get a detailed clean that improves the quality of your homes air.

House Keeping

We know how long maintaining a household can take & the stress involved. Don't spend your hard earned time. Let us do it.

Move in / Out Cleaning

Moving is stressful task all on its self. We will handle cleaning up after you leave your old home and we will have your new home squeaky clean and waiting for you.

Why Choose Us

House Cleaning

As our cleaning services specialize in home cleaning services, we offer a wide range of home-based services. Our cleaning services will clean your home from start to finish point, cleaning every single room, every single corner of your house, and everything which is in between.

Our clients are highly satisfied with our services. Our customers schedule our regular services according to their needs. Sometimes once a month or a week or so. We are proud of the high-quality cleaning services that we provide to our customers that give your home a beautiful and squeaky clean look.

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial spaces, our professional cleaners clean your office and give it a beautiful clean look in no time. Our clients love to hire our services because we respect your privacy and provide detailed and robust attention to cleanings. With our cleaning services, all your facilities look pristine, which help you to impress your new business clients with manicured and cleaned facilities. It also improves employees working morale when they work in a tidy and clean environment.

Move Out/In Cleaning

Whenever you are moving out of your house, they are a lot of projects and things that need to be completed, but don’t worry, and we are here to make the things a lot easier for you. With our moving out cleaning services, we take all the necessary tasks which are assigned according to your sales agreement and help you complete the terms of your contract through our services.

When it comes to move in cleaning, we clean the area and get rid of any mess from previous occupants. We primarily focus on areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and rooms because they need to be sanitized and disinfected.


Hiring our housekeeping services, you will see a lot of benefits from our highly experienced team maids who will help you with home maintenance regularly. We will save you a lot of time in completing the tasks, as well as all the money which is spent on buying all the professional cleaning products. Our mission is to make your house chores as simple as possible.

We make sure that we make your home management easy, to create more free time for you which you can spend doing other certain things and provide you with quality cleaning services which last during the next scheduled cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Squeaky Clean Maids closely monitors COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the impact it has on our community. The health and safety of our community members and clients is our top priority. We certainly cannot control how severe or unpredictable this virus can be; however, we can take preventive measures to limit the spread. We are cautious in our operations with necessary preventive safety measures. We are following the guidelines that were created by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other health agencies.

We will:

  • Cleaning our hands with soap very often for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • We will use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Keep the recommended 6 feet away from customers.
  • Cleaning surfaces that are touched frequently
  • Covering any coughs or sneezes with a tissue then getting rid of the fabric properly
  • Staying home if sick
  • Wearing a Face Mask

We ask our customers to inform us in advance of an appointment if there are any concerns or if there are any special precautions, they would like us to take. We are actively monitoring the situation with COVID-19, and we will act accordingly.

There are several reasons why we believe house cleaning services are essential. When you do regular house cleaning you kill germs. Germs damage the immune system and cause you to become sick by cleaning your home regularly you reduce the ability of having germs around your house. Its proven that with a quality disinfectant you can kill up to 98% of germs and keep your family safe. Hiring a Maid Service also improves your home’s air quality the less dust you have around your home the better it is for your breathing. Whether you choose weekly house cleaning, bi-weekly house cleaning or monthly house cleaning Squeaky Clean Maids is at your service.

Professional maid services are trained and experienced in cleaning, dusting, and sanitizing every area in your home or office in the best way. House cleaning services also have all the supplies required to manage the cleaning job efficiently. This way, they guarantee that you get an organized and hygienic space, which helps to lead a healthier lifestyle.
You can hire professional maids for a wide range of services, such as residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, and other specialized cleanings. House cleaning companies even offer customized cleaning services for addressing specific areas in your home or office, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Green cleaning refers to using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques designed to uphold health and environmental quality. With professional green cleaning services, you can ensure that no harmful chemicals are used to clean your home. This means that there will be no toxic fumes or residues lingering around after the cleanup, which could have caused respiratory problems or skin irritations.
Professional maid services use microfiber cloths to clean the surfaces in your home, along with using green cleaning products. This makes sure to remove the maximum amount of harmful bacteria from your home. Green cleaning is not expensive either; in fact, using eco-friendly products can even help to enhance the longevity of the furniture and fixtures in your home.

Professional deep cleaning can cost anywhere from $150 to $400 depending upon the scope of the job. This could also vary based on the size of your house and the added services included. Generally, you get more detailed cleaning services in that, such as a thorough clean up of the living and sleeping areas, sanitizing of the bathroom surfaces, cleaning all the kitchen utilities and appliances, etc.
Deep cleaning is recommended to homeowners when they are moving out, preparing for the holidays, or planning a party at home. However, you should also hire professional maids for a deep cleaning once every 2 to 3 months to ensure that you have a safe and hygienic home. The services included in deep cleaning will differ from company to company. So check what services you are getting for the price.

Move-out cleaning offers you a detailed cleaning of all the areas of the home. Hiring a reliable house cleaning service provider can be a relief when you plan your move to a new place. Generally, move-out cleaning includes cleaning the bedroom baseboards, living room cabinets, laundry room, deep cleaning of the kitchen appliances, etc.
Other than that, the maids will also clean the cabinets, mirrors, toilet, and tub in the bathroom; the counters, cabinets, table, stovetop, and sink in the kitchen; and the blinds, windowsills, furniture, and light fixtures in the living room and bedrooms. You can even ask the maids to attend to any specific areas during the move-out cleaning.

You can schedule professional cleaning services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly depending upon your needs. The most preferred house cleaning schedule is bi-weekly. This ensures that all the areas in the home are maintained spotless and dirt-free. You can also go for a weekly schedule if you cannot find any time to manage any house cleaning chores in the meantime.
It is also a good idea to calculate the maximum time you can go between two cleaning schedules. This will help you to get a ballpark figure about the budget as well. You can consult with the house cleaning services provider and suggest the best-suited cleaning schedule for your home. You can change the frequency of visits later as required.

At your home, our staff uses a sanitizing solution to wipe down doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, light switches, and other commonly touched areas. Switch out all our cleaning cloths and mop-heads in-between homes and launder them between usages.

Wash our hands between homes and wear a mask while performing and house cleaning services.

Our Happy Clients!

“Okay so they 100% care about their clients. Their house cleaning service is amazing. We could not be any happier. Squeaky Clean Maids goes above and beyond especially with the detailed cleaning package.”


Martin Smith

“I could not be happier with my cleaning service. We opt in for the Monthly Cleaning service. We always get the same person and she always does an amazing job. It gives me the freedom to focus on my other projects.”


Shelly Barns

“I recommend this company to my friends and family all the time. I have a true appreciation for what Squeaky Clean Maids does for my family. We have multiple kids. Highly recommend the Housekeeping Service.”


Jacob Luke

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