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Areas We Serve

Squeaky Clean Maids is a professional cleaning services provider that you can rely on for any kind of residential or commercial cleaning job. Our goal is to offer you a clean and hygienic space, which you can be proud of. We have a team of experienced maids and housekeepers who provide exceptional cleaning services in a friendly and reliable manner to fulfill or even exceed your expectations and needs.

Our staff members have years of expertise in how to clean different surfaces. We also employ the best-in-the-industry equipment and tools to complete the job with the best efficiency. Squeaky Clean Maids also uses green cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure that the quality of air in your home or commercial establishment is safe and healthy. We pay close attention to detail and make certain that every nook and cranny of your property is spotless. At the end of the day, we ensure that you have a well-organized and super-clean space.

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Areas We Serve

No matter whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning help or regular house cleaning services, Squeaky Clean Maids can offer you a tailored solution to fulfill all your requirements. We are a local cleaning service company based in Philadelphia, offering extensive housekeeping and maid services to all the neighboring areas in Pennsylvania. The areas we serve include:

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House Cleaning Services

Squeaky Clean Maids provides all-inclusive cleaning services for your home. We adhere to all the standards of the industry and are renowned for offering top-quality services. Our professionally trained maids will dust, mop, vacuum, and sanitize your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, hallways, and living room. We even address those areas that most homeowners usually forget, such as the picture frames, doorknobs, switches, etc. We can offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services as per your needs.

We take special care to clean and sanitize the surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms. Our maids will also clean the exterior of the cooking range and appliances in the kitchen, aside from wiping and disinfecting the countertops and cabinets. We make sure to use only approved cleaning products for your specific countertop material so that no damage is caused to it while we take care of the cleaning job. In the bathrooms, our maids will make sure that the walls, tiles, toilets, tubs, glass surfaces, and countertops are properly cleaned and disinfected.

For the living room and bedrooms, we follow a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning approach by dusting, wiping, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the areas. Our maids will dust the windowsills, vents, window shades, lampshades, light fixtures, fans, etc., and wipe the surfaces as necessary. We will also remove cobwebs and clean the mirrors, baseboards, walls, etc., in the rooms. Our maids can also make the bed and change the linens as requested.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Squeaky Clean Maids also offers wide-ranging cleaning services for all kinds of commercial establishments. That way, we ensure that you can maintain a clean and hygienic space for your employees and clients, and pride yourself on the topmost levels of professionalism. No matter whether you need a one-time cleaning service for a newly finished commercial property or regular cleaning services for your office, we can provide you the best solutions to meet your requirements for the most reasonable prices.

Our office cleaning services include cleaning the reception area, employee cabins, bathrooms, recreational area, kitchen, hallways, and other common areas. We make sure that your office is well kept, organized, safe, and attractive to help your staff members stay healthy and productive. Our trained professionals will dust the desktops, office machinery, cabinets, windowsills, window frames, baseboards, etc., and clean the mirrors and glass surfaces. We will also sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors and empty the trash bins. In the bathroom, our maids will clean and disinfect the toilets, fixtures, urinals, partitions, and all other surfaces.

You can hire us for week-by-week or everyday cleaning. You can plan any schedule as per your office size and cleaning needs. We also offer deep cleaning services for your commercial property. That will include everything we do in our regular cleaning routines plus addressing the areas that need special attention. You can even call us for a quick cleaning after an office party or event.

We Offer a Complete Solution for your Cleaning Needs

Squeaky Clean Maids also offers specialized cleaning services like post-construction cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pre-party and after-party cleaning, spring cleaning, holiday cleaning, deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, and more. Our maids offer the best move-in and move-out cleaning services as well, be it for your apartment, home, warehouse, or any other type of property. We address all the areas in your property when you are moving out to ensure that the space is clean and safe for the new occupants. You can also hire us to clean and sanitize your new property before you move in.

Our professional maids are licensed, bonded, and insured. We follow all the standard procedures and techniques to give you outstanding results in the least time possible. Our staff members are experienced in handling specialized equipment and tools required for residential and commercial cleaning as well. No matter what your cleaning needs are, you can count on Squeaky Clean Maids for the best solution to meet your requirements.