Squeaky Clean Maids

Commercial Services

In the squeakycleanmaids, the services are beyond the residential cleaning as we also provide commercial cleaning services for those people who need help in mainlining the tidiness of their offices. Our commercial cleaning services work for both small and large-sized offices, which help create a better working clean environment for all the employees and significantly improve the impression of all the visitors that come to your office. We provide services regularly to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your workspace and also for special occasions. We pay attention to all the areas of your commercial office from the conference room, to communal kitchens, work areas, and bathrooms. Everything from top to bottom comes under our cleaning service.


Why Choose Us

Having a clean working environment gives your business a lot of benefits for specific reasons. First of all, starting with a clean desk is considered a vital sign of an organized mind, so having a clean office gives your clients and partners a perfect impression when they visit you. Our commercial cleaning services provide complete office cleanings for all types of businesses that want to have a clean working environment.

Our disinfection and cleaning services help to prevent the spread of germs within the working environment. You can schedule the cleaning services according to your needs and convenience so that our cleaning service does not interfere with your working hours.

Although we offer regularly scheduled office cleaning and are a part of many clients’ weekly business routines, but there are many clients who also prefer to schedule regular deep cleaning services with our utmost highly cleaning professionals. During these cleaning tasks, our teams address every single part of our office that needs cleaning attention.

This includes everything even necessary electronic items, all the hard to reach places like behind equipment, etc. During the  Detailed cleaning services, our team professionals make sure that they only visit those areas to which they are granted access so that your privacy is never disturbed.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small private office or a large company, cleaning all the communal spaces of the office is also a very important part. Our cleaning services take care of all your needs.

Many of our clients book our services to take care of cleaning the mess of the communal kitchens and office bathrooms of their offices, sometimes in the office hours or after that. In this way, we help them maintain the tidiness of the environment, giving the working area a clean look.

As mentioned earlier, giving offices a squeaky clean look is very important as it marks a significant impression on your client.

A clean office offers employees a proper working environment and also prevents the spread of diseases, especially colds, which are very common nowadays.

With our cleaning services hired, your office will be at its best. We will make sure that your office remains clean and tidy 24/7.