Squeaky Clean Maids

House Cleaning

Cleaning your office or home regularly is something that needs to be done. But doing so your self can be a burdensome chore. That is why at Squeaky Clean Maids, we are here to make sure that your home is always clean without the hassle of doing it yourself. Our service includes only the most professional and efficient cleaners that will get your home looking spotless. We have everything from detailed cleaning of rooms to specialty cleaning of appliances and machines. We also offer scheduled cleaning services and maids as per your requirement. With our service and detail-oriented professionals, you will never have the need for another cleaning company.

As a top tier company, all of our cleaners are professionally trained in using only the best methods for getting a room clean without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals. We use high-quality cleaning products and equipment that assist in getting the space clean and tidy. We only use green environment-friendly products and chemicals to prolong the life of our house. All of our cleaners are hand-selected for their sense of ethics and attention to detail. They are all honest and hardworking people and will give their best in taking care of your home. Ours is a name that you can always rely on to provide you with the best quality and price anywhere on the market.

Let us paint a scenario. You are at work having a rough day, you are dreading coming home to a mess. Vacuuming, Dirty Dishes, just your good old house cleaning chores. Now think of how great it would be if you did not have to do anything at all other than just relax. No need to even lift a finger to dust any surfaces or even vacuum or clean up after the kids. Squeaky Clean Maids understand that our customers have very busy lives, therefore we make it our mission to make household up keeping easier for you with our house cleaning services in Allentown PA and the surrounding regions. We use top rated disinfecting cleaning products.


Why Choose Us

Residing in a clean house will make it a delightful place to live. When you hire our cleaning services, you will get the best cleaning services. Our goal is to give you the best cleaning services in the least time possible. In our house cleaning projects, we address the spaces which need a high level of cleaning.

These spaces include everything which is in dire need of cleaning. This includes dusting dining rooms, removing the junk, and built-up food, which is stuck on your kitchen stove. To ensure that your home remains regularly cleaned, our maids will come to your house on month, biweekly, and weekly basis and make sure your house remains clean 24/7.

Now whenever cleaning comes to small places, it becomes even more difficult and vital to keep things organized and clean. Otherwise, an enormous mess and untidiness will make space look even smaller. With the squeakycleanmaids services, you are provided with apartment cleanings services that will help you get rid of the mess in your apartment.

We address all the areas of residence, which includes bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen also that need cleaning. Our maids are highly trained professionals that work efficiently and rapidly to give your apartment the best clean look possible. By using green cleaning products, we make sure that we are working without damaging the environment as all our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Now the bedroom is an essential place in your house, and everybody wants to see it clean. Keeping it clean will help you to improve the quality of life and sleep. During our cleaning services, we make sure that all the vital space remains well maintained. We provide all the necessary vacuuming, mopping, and comprehensive services that will get your floors clean, and we also wipe down the wall and windows.

All the fixtures are polished and dusted, and we pay attention to neglected spaces like small window blinds and even all the hard to reach places like ceiling fans. After our bedroom cleaning services, we make sure that all the areas of your room are appropriately cleaned, starting from the floor to ceiling, and you get to live in the most comfortable environment.

Dining rooms are also one of the most crucial parts of the home because they are used for entertaining guests, and that’s what makes them so important to clean and give them a shiny look. This part of the home needs a high level of vacuuming and mopping as compared to other areas of the house.

Plus, our cleaner s look for food residues that are present in hard to reach places and are often not found. This happens because food is served to the guests and food then falls, which is not cleaned, which causes untidiness. This place is super essential for leaving an excellent impression on guests, so we make sure that every part of the rooms remains clean and fresh.