Squeaky Clean Maids

House Keeping

Daily house cleaning is a very tedious task. It requires time and energy, which not many house owners can spare. With our professional house cleaning service, we are here to help you make your house management easier for you. Whether you need someone to clean your house on a daily basis or monthly basis, we have you covered. We will design your schedule; however, you want it. With our service, you will see the benefits of having a professional crew clean your house.


Why Choose Us

We at Squeaky Clean Maids, pride ourselves on our excellent and efficient crew of trained maids. Using our maid service, after just a short time, you will wonder how you ever got on without them. Our maids will handle all your cleaning needs giving equal attention to all the rooms of your house.

We also provide vacuuming floors, mopping, and general cleaning options. All your windows and glass surfaces will be wiped clean to get them free of smudge and dirt. For an area like kitchens and bathrooms, items are sanitized after being cleaned. After we are done with your home, it will feel like a more comfortable space.

Before you order our services, we will reach out to you to schedule your housekeeping. Each of our schedules includes a consultation to work out what services will work for you the best. Whether your home is a bachelor pad or a family home with kids and pets, we have got you covered.

Our services are available any time you would like them to be it daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also schedule in-depth cleaning sessions or specialty cleaning sessions based on your needs. You can rest assured that whatever your schedule is, we have your back.

Our service includes only the best and most professional cleaners. In hiring our services, you will be quick to see the difference between other cleaning agencies and us. We offer quality service at the best price. To others, our services may seem like a luxury, but our loyal clients know that our services save time and money, in the long run, keeping your fresh and stress-free.

By taking your mind off of tedious tasks like cleaning and sanitization, we offer you the chance to invest that time on other projects. All our cleaning products are high quality and environment friendly, saving you the need to go out and buy these on your own.

Our house keeping unit is our pride. We only hire the best and the most professional cleaners out there. The Squeaky Clean Maids Company is licensed and insured, meaning that you can be sure of the quality of our work.

We hand select only those cleaners who have a strong sense of ethics and attention to detail. We also only use green environment-friendly products which help preserve your home.