Squeaky Clean Maids

Speciality Cleaning

Keeping a regular household cleaning schedule is a vital part of being a homeowner. But sometimes your home may need some cleaning specially done for events or parties. That’s where our speciality cleaning service comes in handy. We at Squeaky Clean Maids will take on your cleaning projects, providing you with excellent service at the best price, saving your time and money in the process. Move and move out cleaning, holiday cleaning, before and after party cleanings are all part of our speciality cleaning package.


Why Choose Us

Changing your home is not an easy task for everyone. You are already stressed out over a million other things. Most rental agreements have a cleaning checklist that requires cleaning out prior to moving out. On the other side, before moving in, you want to ensure that your new residence is cleaned out and sanitized.

This can prove very stressful and time-consuming. Our experts, with the help of specialized tools and cleaning products, will take care of all your cleaning needs leaving you to stress free.

Renovations and constructions done on your home can be very exciting when waiting for the big reveal of the newly constructed area. However, constructions and renovations are messy and require thorough cleaning afterward, which can be a real headache.

With our post-construction specialty cleaning, our crew will clean all debris and dust lingering around your home after construction. We especially target all parts of the house where dirt may have been collected, such as crevices and scruffs of your home.

Holidays are a joyous as well as stressful time—the breaking out of decorations and the entertaining of the constant flow of visitors. With our holiday specialty cleaning, our team will assist you during the holiday season, making sure your home is spotless and impressive all season long. Keeping fixtures and decorations dust and smudge-free is just one of the many things that the holiday package offers.

Springtime cleaning is one of the best times of the year for us. During this time, everyone takes extra steps to make sure that their home is dust and clutter-free, enabling us to reach and clean areas that haven’t been touched in months. This allows for a thorough and cleaning and sanitization of your house, making your home fresh and clean for the whole year.